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Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available?
Sorry, once your page goes on-line, refunds are not available.  The ads are sold as a one year subscription.  If you wish to simply stop the ad, please make the request to david@gulfcoastrentals.com.  We will place the ad in storage for you and it can be brought back on-line at any time...same fees apply as for a new one year subscription.
If you feel you have a compelling reason why a refund should be issued, please contact us and we will review each request on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a charge for changing the information on my page?
There is no charge for any changes. 

How do I make changes to the information on my web page?

All changes to your GulfCoast web page can be made from the web page itself.  At the lower right of your page, click on the link: "Edit Page / Manage Account".
Or, you can get to the Log-in page by Clicking Here.

When you are checking your changes over, be sure to hit your reload/refresh button so you will be seeing the updated version of the page. Here's why...
The first time you visit a web page, your computer stores a copy of it on its hard drive. When you re-visit that page, your machine first looks to see if it has a copy, and if it does, that is what it dishes up for viewing. It does that to save on load time. That's why, to get the latest version of the page from the Internet, you need to hit the "reload" or "refresh" button.

I'd like to add some individual pictures, how does that work?

Each picture you add costs $5.   Log-in, select "Update Web Pages", at the top where it says "Select Page to Update", be sure the property you are working on is selected. 
Then select "Send Photos".

I'd like to add a Calendar... how do I go about it?
We offer a free Calendar, our own EzCal. 
If you want the EzCal Calendar,  just send us an email requesting it.  We will set it up & notify you.  Sample EZCal Calendar.

As a courtesy, we will link to an outside calendar.  You will need to send us a clickable link to that calendar.  The calendar may not contain links leading to any other vacation rentals. 

I'd like to add a link to my private web page... how does that work?

We will link to private web pages but there are some rules.
1. The page being linked-to can only reference properties advertised on the Gulf Coast web.  For example, you cannot have one Gulf Coast web page and have a linked page that advertises multiple properties. 
2. We do not link to commercial web sites...eg...sites that advertise an entire condo complex. 
3. Links cannot principally advertise unrelated activities... for example, a site that advertises fishing charters. 
4. We do charge $15 per year for a link to a private page. 
If you feel your private web page meets our criteria and wish to move forward, go to your Gulf Coast web page, at the bottom right click on "Edit this page", then select the "Go" button that says "Other requests & questions"

What determines the placement of the ads in the directories?

The ads are listed by number of bedrooms and on a first-come-first-served basis.  At renewal time (annually), you will retain your place provided you are paid up within 15 days of the rollover date.

Can I add a second property to my web page?
Our policy is "one property per page". Additional pages may be added at a reduced rate... $20 less than the cost of your first ad.

I just received my annual invoice, can I pay with a credit card on-line?
Sure... web members can Log-in, select "My Invoices", then select the web page you wish to pay.

I'm selling my property and buying another one, can I swap listing information on my web page?
 As long as your new listing is in the same city directory, this can be done for a $20 conversion fee. Just go to our sign-up form and select the option: "I am a GulfCoast web member converting an existing web page to a different property". Please attach your new pics to an email or send via US Mail. Include your web page ID or full web address of the page.

I'm selling my property to another person and they would like to continue the ad...how does that work?
 If you have 3 months or more left on your subscription, the new owner pays a $20 conversion fee. Less than 3 months left and the conversion is free. The new owner will need to fill out one of our sign-up forms, selecting the option: "I wish to convert ownership of an existing GulfCoast web page."

I have a friend who might like to sign up... are there any incentives for referrals?
Yes. If you have referred someone to us and they are now a web member, you will get 3 months added to your subscription.


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