Propaganda Blues by Dave Williams  (116bpm)
I suggest use of Patrick Sky's great old song, "Separation Blues" for the melody.  Thanks Patrick... you are the best!  Key of Ab
G                                                             D
I'll tell you 'bout something - drives me up the wall


Lying politicians, how it affects us all

they tell a handy lie the public is coerced
                 C                               A7

I think we need to blame the amendment that comes first
                   G                        C                  D         G

'Cause you know, we got, we got the propaganda blues

How about the phony products advertising sells?
with a copper fitted tee shirt I'll be feelin' swell
ain't no law to prevent these lies
we got the goods to sell if you're dumb enough to buy
'and you got, you got the propaganda blues
When they wrote down the rules for this land of ours things were much
different then
      C                                                                  A7                            D7

if a man told a lie on the court house steps, that's where that lie would end
             G                                                D
and the town newspaper mostly told the truth
said the town newspaper mostly told the truth
                                                         G7              C                              A7
the town newspaper mostly told the truth

things worked out at the voting booth
G           C                      D       G
No such thing as propaganda blues.

Time marching onward and changes came
the telegraph and railroads made a brand new game
information moving fast there's a public thirst
politicians in cahoots with William Randolph Hearst
that was the start, the start of propaganda blues


It was in the 1930's, the German people fell
Nazi propaganda cast its spell
turned good people bad made bad people worse
tens of millions died because of this curse
the whole world, got the propaganda blues

A couple decades passed, and just like that TV was every where
the talking heads... sometimes lied, but no one seemed to care
folks see it on TV and they think its true
they see it on TV and they swear its true
the ad men jumped aboard, the politicians too, you bought the Brooklyn bridge hey we'll ship it out to you
It got worse, got worse, the propaganda blues.

a certain cable news network soon came to be
you could push any message if you paid their fee
in back rooms the fat cats run the game
the crooks they elect well they got no shame
oh we got, we got the propaganda blues

it took some smart people to invent the Internet
at first it seemed a god send for man's needs unmet
but there was way more to it than the eye could see
now changing people's thoughts is an industry
oh we got, we got the the propaganda blues

that old first amendment written long ago was a blessing now it's a curse
the lies it protects and adverse effects have gone from bad to worse
if laws don't work out just like they should
said if laws don't work out just like they should
if a law don't work out just like it should, need to change that law cuz the law's no good.

beware, beware of propaganda.
take care, don't believe the propaganda.
say good bye, good bye to propaganda blues