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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want to make changes ?
Changes to the information on your web page are free. All changes start at the lower right of your web page by clicking on "Etdit Page / Manage Account".  Updates to your Text Description, Rates, Specials & Contact Info are instantaneous.  Changes to Amenities section are done by request and appear within 24 hours.
  All picture swaps are free.  You can add pictures for $5 each.

What determines the placement of the ads?

The ads are listed on a first-come-first-serve basis and by number of bedrooms.  At renewal time (annually), you will retain your place provided you are paid up within 15 days of the rollover date.

I don't see a page for my local area...can I still list my property?
At our discretion, we will create a new local page for your charge!  Otherwise your listing will be placed in the page for the nearest sizeable locality. The exact location of your property will be noted in our directory and your page will receive a custom header showing its location.

How effective will my ad be?
Expect good results!  In-season, a number of our clients have reported multiple rentals within one month of listing.  Click here to see what our web members say. Mid-season and off-season rental business will substantially increase.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
  (and probably several thousand dollars!)
To get the most out of your web page, you will need to provide good pictures.   A prospective tenant will be more likely to rent your property if he or she can gain a feeling of familiarity.
About pictures

We cannot overstate the importance of good pictures.  Remember, the size of the audience for these ads is enormous (more than 80 million Internet users in the U.S. alone) and growing rapidly. The potential for the ad to bring in business is considerable and with good presentation, your ad, on duty 24 hrs a day, year round, will be of maximum benefit!

Calendars...should I use one?

Over the years it has become clear... listings with up-to-date Calendars do significantly better.  Calendar links appear with the short descriptions in each City Directory.  People looking for a rental will always check out the listings with Calendars first.  Our EZCal Calendar is integrated with your regular input for Rates & Contact info etc.  Plus... you are free to use the EZCal on your private web page if you have one.

What about the cost effectiveness of Internet advertising?
Click Here to see what our web members say!

How is "Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals" marketed on-line?
Our web site appears in all the major search engines and we are especially strong in Google.
Interestingly, our web statistics show that only about 20% come from search engines at this point.  We've been around since '97 and the majority of our visitors simply know us by heart!

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